Lys for Mikroskop



Illuminarbox dual pipe


Ringlys 72 LEDs


Single pipe 3W


Dual pipe 2X1W

Halogenlampe 150W


Justerbart Underlys


 Illuminatorboks inkl. dual pipe fiberoptikk  Kr. 5400,-

 Justerbart lys (her med dual light) Colour temperature 3.200K  Ø20mm kontakt.
Kabellengde 1,5m. 150W, 220V/50Hz. 


Cold Light Illumination is designed as an auxiliary lighting device for microscope in order to get better observation results.


1. More stable power supply with CE standard electrical equipment and PC control circuit.

2. With delay startup design to protect eyes and electrical equipment caused by sudden brightness.

3. Enhancing the security with skillful power off device.

4. Cooling the illumination better with advanced wind loop design.

5. Reliable with stable structure.

6. Longer working life and lower noisy.


Switch Power 110V/ 220V

T-H Lamp with Reflector 20V/ 150W   Power Supplier    Brightness Adjustable


Fiberoptisk annularring. Fiber Ø50 μm
1011 med Dia.60mm.   1012 med Ø50mm.
Som ekstrautstyr: Kr. 1700,- 
(Inkl. illuminatorboks uten dual pipe totalpris Kr. 4900,-)




Ringlys med frostglass for refleksreduksjon  72 LEDs




   BAL-72 LED ring light can be used for inspection and imaging illumination on stereo microscopes

   and machine vision systems.


   Mounting Diameter: 62mm,Outer Diameter: 98mm

    Input Power: DC12V 600mA

   Input Voltage: Universal 100-240V AC

   Output Power: 7.2W

   LED Color Temperature: ±6500K

   LED Luminance: 15000mcd

   LED Angle: 18°Consistent

   LED Lifetime: 100,000 hrs

   Working Distance: 95-115mm

   LED Color: WhiteOptional Other Colors



   Intensity Adjustment, Good Variable Control Permit Gradual Increase in Brightness with

   Four-zone Lighting Control Separately

   Reliability and Durability

   Low Power, Consumption, Super Brightness

   Metal Shell, ESD and Insulativity


 Pris Kr. 2500,-

 1061 Fluoriserende lys. Hvitt lys.
Inner Ø 60mm. På/Av.  Colour temp. 6300K

Kr. 1900,-

1065 UV-fritt LED-lys.  5Wx60 LEDs.
Indre Ø 60mm. Kabellengde 1,5m
Uten refleksfilter

 Kr. 2600,-

Kr. 2700,-


Single Pipe LED  Illuminator

3W LED, color temperature: 5500K, flare size adjustable, Input  AC 95-245V



Kr. 2600,-



Dual  Pipe LED  Illuminator

1w x 2 Dual Pipe LED, color temperature: 5500k, Input AC 95-245V



Kr. 1750,-




Kr. 2500,-

A228101 Transmitted Mirror Base (with Fiber Optic Cable Adapter) is used with MA211101 Post Stand and MA221101 Track Stand 76mm Track Stand, with MA229103 Clear Glass Plate, MA229201 Iris, a  built-in 70mm mirror and an adjustable angle.  The adapter is for connecting the Fiber Optic Cable (MA323203 Single Pipe Light Guide) and Illuminator 



  Single pipe, Kohler og reservepærer