Horisontalt metallurgisk mikroskop



Modell: XJG-05

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      Viewing Head: Sliding binocular viewing head
Kohler Incident Light: 12V/50W Halogen light,
      Center and brightness adjustable
      Cycle-mechanical stage Φ160mm, Center adjustable moving range12×16mm
      Accessories: Photo/Video attachment 0.01mm  Micrometer scale 0.01mm
Negative Eyepiece: F33  F44.3


·  Big horizontal optical metallurgical microscope.
·  Widely used in researching microstructure of metal.
    Viewing, projection, photography in bright field,
dark field  or polarization.
·  Can be used in research unit,metallurgical factory and colleges of industry for
   metallurgical   testing,

   like  metallography and heat treatment,metal physics, process of steel making and casting.

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