Multihead mikroskop 3 modeller


BS-2080MH Series Multi-Head Microscopes are high level microscopes equipped with multi-head for

more persons observing at the same time. The optical system is high quality and reliable.



1. Sharp image display with excellent optical system.

2. Small space occupancy with integral stand design, low environment requirement with anti-mould


3. Users friendly and comfortable operation with ergonomic design.

4. With the features of Infinite Optical System, Effective Illumination, LED Pointer and images

Coherence, it is widely used in Clinic, Scientific Research and Teaching Demonstration.



BS-2080MH Series Multi-Head Microscopes are mainly used in medical teaching and biological

teaching. They also can be used for biological analysis for more experts at the same time. They can be

widely used in medical and sanitary establishments, laboratories, institutes, colleges and universities.



Trippelhead BS-280MH6