Komparative Mikroskop

  To modeller av Comparison Microscope:  XJC100 og XJC200





  XJC200 is an advanced forensic microscope  suitable for forensic educational and research,
 it is basically used for forensic science, police department, bank, tax, print, coinage,  archaeology and so on.
 This microscope adopts tiltable working stage, magnification correcting system,
 light holder with position ruler and separation line adjusting system.
 Also, the trinocular head can be equipped with optional Color Video Recording System,
 Images dealing system and Images photographing system.
A18.1809XZB-14 comparison microscope is a newly developed model for higher level user,which intergrated many new technologies, like nosepiece objective system, seperationline PC control system. Built-in digital camera supply direct image output,used together with Crime Image software, it is ideal instrument for forensiclaboratory, police training school, bank, tax, print, coinage, and etc

-- 5~200x Optical Magnification
-- 0~30° oblique adjustable binocular head, for comfortable viewing
-- Electrical focusing system, move both working stages up/down, left/rightat same time
-- Choose view field from overlap, left, split to right by button easily
-- Under split image, separation line can rotate 360°, in different speed, orstop at any angle
-- Under split image, separation line can auto-scan between left to right image,in different speed, 
   or stop at any   position.
-- Separation line adjusting system, user can adjust it easily
-- Infinity optical system, plan objectives on 5 hole nosepiece, supply bestlevel optical image
-- New LED light source supply white, red, blue, and green light easily.




XJC100 Comparison Microscope

Model XJC100 Comparison Microscope makes you view two images (left and right) from two objects at the same time. Adjusting two images to connect or lap over, then differentiate the minuteness difference between them, for instance, identifying the bullet' mark, tool's mark, fingerprint, stamp, letters, money, presswork, etc. It is an ideal instrument for Police and other department which need object comparison.
There're several different viewing state available on comparison head;
Full left image, full right image, a part of left and right images, left and right superposition image.
The total magnification of comparison head : 1X
Monocular, Binocular or Trinocular comparison head are for option. 



Specifications   XJC100
Optical System
Finite Plan Optical System
Viewing Tube
Seidentopf trinocular head, Interpupillary distance 55~75mm,
30° inclined, diopter adjustable.
Quintuple, Inward
Achromatic 4X/0.10 WD=12.86mm
Achromatic 10X/0.25 WD=9.67mm
Achromatic 40X/0.65(S) WD=7.97mm
Achromatic 100X/1.25(S,O) WD=3.76mm
Achromatic 20X/0.25 WD=9.67mm
Achromatic 60X/0.75 WD=7.97mm
Double Stage: 140×140mm, moving range: 75×70mm
NA=1.25 with iris diaphragm and filters
6V 30W halogen lamp, AC85~230V, Adjustable.