Industrielle Mikroskop

Vi viser her 3 toppmodeller i XSK-serien:  XSK100,  SSK200 og XSK600




Kr. 47800,-

 With Eyepiece WF10X/25mm, bright field, M Plan Apo HL Objective and   polarized observations are
standard with the XSK-100.
 Using inward revolver, long working distance objectives will provide excellent operation ability .
While it also can be with the NIR objective and NUV objectives as your optional.
 It also can be with the positive and negative imaging, the customers can  select the positive
or negative according to the requests.
Has optional automatic focusing, Motorized Stage and auto nosepiece.  




Kr. 37900,-

 XSK200 DIC Industrial Microscope has been experimented and
advanced many times by our professional staff,
has steady performance and good effect,
is ratified by several top 500 companies,
has reached the domestic leading standard.




Kr. 43800,-
XSK600 industrial microscope
Large moving range mechanical stage.
Epi-illuminator and long working distance; bright and dark field;
Infinite plan objectives and wide field eyepiece (Φ25) with clear images and good contrast,
XSK600 is developed and aimed at the semiconductor industry, wafer manufacturing, electronic in formation industry, metallurgical industry,
and used as high grade industrial microscope.
It is widely used in Factories, Research institution and college and Universities to identify and analyze Wafer, FPD, Circuit substrate, Precision moulds etc.